1st time in India, a Private organization Space Kidz India, had launched a “Near Space Launch Vehicle” which is a High-altitude balloon filled with helium. The vehicle beautifully travelled Near Space and bursted at a high altitude of 1,06,789 ft after which the parachute brought down the Payload.

  • “SKI – NSLV – KALAM.1” was recognized by the LIMCA Book of Records.
  • It was a tribute to the Great Scientist – APJ Abdul Kalam by Space Kidz India.

Project Details

The High-altitude balloon was launched with payload attached into “near space”, defined as the area of Earth’s atmosphere between 18–19 km above sea level, where pressure falls to the point that a human being could not survive without a pressurised suit, and the Karman line (100 km above sea level), where aeronautics must take over from aerodynamics in order to maintain flight.

Before launch, Balloon Sats are required to undergo testing. These tests are designed to ensure the BalloonSat will function properly and return science results. The tests include a cold soak, drop test, function test, and weighing. The cold soak test simulates the intense cold temperatures the BalloonSat will experience during its mission. A launch and landing can be traumatic, therefore the drop test requires the BalloonSat to hold together and still function after an abrupt drop.

SKI – NSLV- KALAM.1 mission was to read the Air Quality, Altitude, Gases around near Space etc.

It was one of the interesting way to introduce new science and engineering students interested in space studies to some fundamental engineering techniques, team working skills and the basics of space and Earth science.

History was Created on, 23rd August 2015 @11.07 Hrs, this was the 1st of its kind launch in India and absolutely by us.

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