"Space Kidz India", is an organization creating "Young scientists" for the "Country" and spreading awareness among children for a "borderless world". It creates International experiential learning for students in the field of science, Technology, Art, and Culture.

we are the 1st organization in the World to have launched Satellites through high school and College students. Also Ambassadors to the "NASA", "ESA" and "GCTC Russia" Space Camps, Pioneers in organizing International workshops.

SKI, is also proud to share with the other countrymen that we are the "ONLY ORGANISATION" who had the opportunity to represent the Country at the "London Olympics, 2012", Children performed Indian Traditional Dance and Music. Extended opportunity to perform at the Royal Hall, South Bank, one of the Most Prestigious auditorium for any artist to perform at London.

"Space Kidz India is in a constant Search for young talents in the field of Science and Technology and also provide them an International exposure apart from extending an opportunity to meet up with eminent Indian Scientists and rub shoulder's with them. The "Young Scientist Program" was designed to promote science awareness to high school students', to increase their understanding of science and to attract them into scientific careers, as there is a BIG VACUUM in the enrollment of young scientists in our research centers. Students were encouraged to participate in what interest them to connect and collaborate with others into new discoveries".


Dr. Srimathy Kesan

Founder, CEO

Abdul Basit

Vice President

Hari Srinivasan


Rifath Shaarook

Lead Scientist & CTO

Yagna Sai

Chief operating officer

Kunnal Vasanth

Chief Communication Officer

Vinay Bharadwaj

Chief Marketing Officer


Chief Biologist

Vijaya Lakshmi Narayan S

Chief Innovative Officer
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